Unofficially single. Returned from an 8 day stay on Guam where an uncontested divorce takes only 7 days. Still waiting for the official paperwork to arrive. When I returned to Bangkok from Hawaii, I learned the boss was relocating to the US and I was left "in charge". Company has not been profitable and though there are potential new business, it's uncertain, maybe 35% chance of happening. So I now have the unpleasant task of downsizing the company. Stress is the major challenge. Getting back on track with exercise and nutrition, so hopefully it will help me keep life in balance. Still working on losing some of the February weight. Stumbled on the concept of primal, so will be truly eliminating wheat to see if that helps.
Feeling a little guilty as my friend posted a link to my page and I haven't updated it. Life happens, in my case dealing with the death of my mother in February and then spending July & August working on clearing her house in preparation to rent it. What I learned for myself is how much I can let myself be allowed to be influenced by my environment still. Life was hectic when I got back to Bangkok in March...moving house, costumes for dance recitals, rehearsals and more. Did manage to get my exercise and nutrition back on track and dropped half of the pounds I put on with the February coffee & cream puffs. Headed back to Hawaii in late June to start clearing my mother's house...the great ambition was to have it emptied by the end of August. However...instead everything is sorted and by going a bit slower, there was good closure for all in the family. While in Hawaii did learn about how who one is with can have impacts on eating & exercise practices, even with good willpower & intentions. My guests in July were healthy eaters...fresh veggies, snacking on summer's fruit bounty, the occasional glass of wine or beer. Plus regular yoga. Regular trips out to watch sunsets & waves breaking were good for the soul. Then the kids showed up in August...junk food appeared as well as the Hamburger Helper. I live in Bangkok without cable. In Hawaii, the tube was turned to the reality shows...I can't believe what is designed to be entertainment now. Inconsiderate, rude behavior broadcasted that must have a detrimental effect. Glorification of toxic behavior. Not sure this is representative of the majority of the US, the problem is this is what is seen overseas and then we wonder why Americans are hated internationally.