Back just over a week in Bangkok after seven weeks in the US. It was hectic, one week in Northern Virginia to clear out a storage unit where stuff had been stored since 1999. I had opened a few boxes up about five years ago, but what was I thinking when I put those craft supplies in storage. Now it's all off to a better home. In August, I attended a three day workshop on Healthy Lifestyles by the Chek Institute. Still going over my notes as there was lots of information covered. I did learn how much a cold environment can stress the body. Three long days in aircon and I had the sniffles, a very rare occurrence. No regular exercise classes while away, but I walked & did some yoga. Ate fairly well until my last week when I was officially "on vacation" and we went out everyday for a meal. I did experiment with juicing, it's interesting how I didn't feel as hungry and ended the trip learning how filling green smoothies are. No severe damage to the weight or waistline and as of yesterday, trying a twice weekly TRX training class. My muscles are just starting to talk to me tonight, so obviously they need the workout. Not sure what the yoga schedule will be as my membership at the studio expired last May and the yoga teacher I had planned to study with has cancelled her local classes to take on some new challenges.