Why am I up at 1:30 a.m? Thunder so loud it set off the neighbor's car alarm and a very fast passing storm. Decided to check my email...I do subscribe to way to many health newsletters, at least it doesn't cost me anything but time and there are some nuggets of gold. However, this one was a typical buy my pill because I've discovered something new. This one was for maintaining blood sugar levels. "You won’t feel guilty about every meal, or squint to read every list of food ingredients, because you will know that your blood sugar will be kept in check, as long as you also eat and exercise in a healthy way." And there it is, just as with the old time diet aids...take this pill and also eat and exercise in a healthy way. Now if we just all would eat and exercise in a healthy way, can we save our money and not buy the magic pill and have the same results? Oh, the new find is blueberry leaf extract. I live in Bangkok...blueberry leaf made me think of mulberry leaf, something that is sold hear as a tea. Google the benefits of mulberry leaf tea and sure enough, it can help with blood sugar levels. Just found what is possibly a similar solution at a fraction of the price.
Just had this cross my FB page. http://www.burnthefatblog.com/archives/2010/10/are_you_an_active_couch_potato.php
Bottom line is long,uninterrupted stretches of sitting does not do a body good even if one exercises regularly. I have to admit I'm luckier than most, my pay-the-rent work, although mostly tied to a computer screen allows me to sit, stand, dance, bounce, or whatever else I can think of. However, when I start to sew, I can sit for hours and not realize where the time has gone. One tip is to find an timer (I've found them at my version of the dollar store). I'll set it for 15 minutes as a reminder that I need to get up and stretch. 
More bad news at the day job...the government decided we owe more taxes from two years ago...yikes...the challenge will be to manage the stress while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Started a salsa class last week, learning LA/Cuban style...after 3 years of NY style, a reversal, but a fun challenge. Still going to the yoga studio at least 3 times a week, but I'm trying to do a few poses in the morning at home. For me, the practice of yoga helps me to keep my sanity. On the nutrition front, started playing with my new Excalibur dehydrator. Decided that my 16 year old US one needs to be retired. Th Ex is fabulous...made collard chips and understand why so many are addicted. Testing out drying frozen blueberries and cranberries since the commercial ones always have sugar. Also some banana yogurt leather with cinnamon & nutmeg and banana chips with cinnamon. Earlier this week tested a vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe that got my daughter's approval. No sugar, no butter, no eggs. Since I have a tendency to eat when I'm stressed, trying to make stuff that won't take me too far off track. Stuff that crunches which is why I find the collard chips amazing.