It seems that coconut oil does not raise your cholesterol. My friend who has been taking a tablespoon per day just did some blood work. The only change he made to his diet was adding the oil, his exercise routine is the same. Number-wise, his cholesterol was down 10 points, his HDL was up, his LDL down and the triglycerides the same. He does occasionally take a day or two off from the oil. He reports a surge in energy when he does take the oil and lately has been adding it to his coffee. Yes, this would not pass the standards of a double-blind test. However, for a easy jumpstart, I think trying a daily dosage of virgin cold-pressed coconut oil is worth experimenting with.
An update to my coconut experiment...of my three volunteers, all male, one in his late 30's, the other two in their 50's, one reported, after just a week that his skinny jeans were so skinny any more. One of the 50 somethings lost 3 pounds the first week and said his skin was better...he must suffer through cold Illinois winters. Unfortunately, my third volunteer had to stop as the coconut oil was giving him heartburn. I have not been as diligent about my daily consumption, however, I think there's been a shift in my body fat. My weight goal for the year is to drop the last 5 pounds so the target is 50 KG, 110 pounds. I've been listening & reading to the raw foodists, the paleo people and more just to see what I'm willing to tweak. It really is about lifestyle change and how much you are willing to change your lifestyle to accomplish your goals. On the fitness front, more plyometrics and a little more diligence on the weight training and cardio. Also been slipping on the yoga practice during the holidays so that needs to be back on track as I'm thinking a 500 hour training course in the fall. 

A couple of weeks ago, i stumbled on to this post about coconut oil. I talked three friends into adding coconut oil into their diet. Yesterday, I stopped to visit one friend who wasn't sure, but his skinny jeans were't skinny anymore. Then this morning, a friend in Chicago who added coconut oil noticed his skin is not so dry in the cold winter air and he's dropped three pounds. Hopefully I'll get an update tomorrow from the third participant. Any ladies willing to the article first...the author's anectodal results are near the end.