Okay, so it's been over a week since I discovered I could register this catchy domain and I've written multiple blog posts in my head. However, until I've actually put fingers to the keys, all the thoughts are just good intentions. Basically, what's happened to me is in the year I turned 50, there were dramatic changes in my life. What I managed to do even with all the emotional turmoil is shed 10 kilos...yes I now know you can actually lose up to 2 pounds a week and I've kept the weight off successfully for two years. This blog is actually part of my life's mission statement...yes, some will consider it hokey, however, at 50, I had to reexamine the direction of my life given the emotional turmoil that was occuring. I decided then that my purpose is to inspire others to live their best life by living my best life, making positive choices to lead a healthy, balanced life, exploring new ideas, accepting new challenges, being kind & compassionate and intentionally making choices that would do no harm. My plan is to write about what I've tried, what worked, what didn't & the online resources I've used to go from flab to fit. What I know is that you need to be ready to make the lifestyle changes necessary and perhaps my story will inspire someone else who is ready.