Three weeks since I moved and it's still chaos, but progress is being made. This is the challenge of moving to smaller spaces but also the opportunity to purge and be ready for the next chapter of life. Challenges are making sure one continues to eat well with the disruption plus manage the stress. Missed a few yoga classes, but Bollywood classes started the week after the move so that helps. It's keeping the priorities straight and knowing that taking care of me comes first, the stuff will always be here...or perhaps not...the earthquakes, the tsunami, the clarifies what is important and what is just stuff. I admit that living solo does have the advantage of  being able to let stuff sit, but it also makes me realize that having less stuff would be better as just the sight of stuff can be stressful. 
Fitness friend has been posting old Jack videos. Jack had it right then and he was doing what he preached until the end.  

Friend who is a fitness trainer posted Jack's Unhappy People video which led to my watching Jack's 10 points. Funny if we had all been listening to Jack all along, the US probably wouldn't be in such overweight shape now. Reviewing his 10 points, I think I've got it covered, though there is always room for self-improvement.
I was thinking today about our stereotypes and perceptions and how just maintaining a normal weight as we age probably makes us look younger. In 2004, I was 64 kilos (think that's about 140 pounhds on a less than 5 foot frame), after I lost 10 kilos (22 pounds) one of my friends commented I looked 10 years younger. As a general rule, we associate, fit, trim, muscular bodies with youth and padded bodies with age, think Aunt Bea, Barbara Bush and some of the older people you know. Now visualize Madonna at 50...exercise helps keep you looking younger...recent news reports say Madonna's new neighbors are complaining about the loud music and bouncing ceilings. Twyla Tharp is 68. Jack LaLanne is 95. Many of us want to fight the signs of that works and is good for us is to exercise regularly, maintain a normal weight and eat well...something that has been said since the beginning, nothing has really changed, it's just a matter of whether one is ready to listen.
Update...googled Jack and found these interviews done a few years back.