Just spent the better part of two days walking through the Thai Food Ingredients trade show. Healthy is in. Snacking is the trend and so is making food functional. However, some things that at first glance seem healthy, aren't after perusing the ingredients list. Dole had individual fruit & nut packs...great idea...except that the yogurt coating uses partially hydrogenated oils. Lots of dried fruits are available. But many contain sugar as the preservative. There were more low sugar offerings and even some companies who've figured out how to make tasty natural dried mango.
Coconut water is the new hot beverage. Think I must have seen a dozen companies at least with coconut water packaged in bottles, cans, aseptic packs and souvenir coconut containers. Some even with chunks of meat. But beware, not all coconut waters are created equal. I think coconut water is naturally sweet Apparently not everyone thinks so, so watch out for added fructose in the coconut water. There are even coconut water mixed with juice products with high fructose corn syrup added.
Vinegars are up & coming. It was being made from corn, honey, mixed fruits and more. Also lots of germinated brown, red & black rice. Also rices that have been bred to be more nutritious. Germinated brown rice baby food and flours, think these would be an interesting replacement for whole wheat, especially for the gluten sensitive. Also lots of aloe vera products like chunks in syrup
On many items, the buzz phrase is 'no sugar added'. CAVEAT, this does not mean some sort of sweetener has not been added. I saw sorbitol, xylitol, sucralose and honey listed on ingredients for 'no sugar added' offerings.
Superfruits are big...lots of antioxidant juices, elixirs that should be taken daily by the shot glassful. $3 a shot. And then the different wheatgrass blends. What was interesting is the fermented tonics from Korea. It's been TCM, Ayurveda, TTM, think perhaps TKM may be next.
I did meet a 65 year old American at one of the antioxidant fruit juice booths. We had a chat about how he has been studying health foods since he was sixteen and has always eaten a whole food diet. If he's an example, then eating healthy works because he looked much younger than 65. Today his regimen includes Hershey's dark cocoa poweder, miso soup & tumeric.