I've been listening to an overwhelming number of the free webinars on health, wealth, LOA that are now available. There are more than I can keep up with, January being the traditional month when we all decide to make resolutions for the new year. My inbox if filled with trainers selling their programs for the new year, all ways that could possibly help with your goals, if you follow through, but all designed to make your wallet a bit lighter. Tom Venuto had a couple of posts that were key...focus on the deficit, i.e., it boils down to calories in/calories out no matter what diet plan or lifestyle change you choose. Second, as you are successful at losing the weight, then one needs to recalibrate as you will need fewer calories in to maintain your new body. So unfortunately for us shorter people, it's harder to maintain a large deficit as generally most diet plans have a minimum number of calories they suggest which is usually 1200. Many of the webcasts I've listened to talk about the subconcious and how they may be sabotaging your success. I do remember years ago, parenting advice that said focus on the positive when working with children, for example instead of 'don't run', 'please walk' as the child's brain doesn't interpret the negative as easily so instead of your child slowing down, she'd run faster. I think this can apply in other areas of our life. I started thinking about what I tell myself about making my goal of 50 kilos.
Okay, so a little CRS (Can't Remember Stuff) :-)  When I started this post I knew the phrase, then forgot it, but I've remembered it again. It is to say I am WORKING on rather than TRYING TO be 50 kilos. Working means I make better choices. Trying means if I slip up, well I was ONLY trying and perhaps not making a real effort.