This holiday season, ditch the trans fats, Crisco, & refined oils and eat coconuts and butter and steak. This has been an incredible learning journey, how to be healthy, have a strong immune system and never again stressing about weight gain. No counting calories, no measuring, no weighing...just simply eating real food that tastes good whether it's a juicy steak or an incredible raw kale salad. I had the opportunity this week to hear Dr. Gabriel Cousens speak at the Rasayana Retreat in Bangkok. Dr. Cousens is one of the leaders in the raw food movement. He extolled the virtues of coconut oil and the need to have enough fat in your diet. I learned that using coconut oil in conjunction with flax, chia or hemp seeds help to convert the short chain omega 3 fatty acids (these are the good ones) into longer chain omega 3 fatty acids (the kind we get from fish oil and seafood). Fats are key to having healthy hormones and brain function and more. Dr. Cousens and his team at the Tree of Life are reversing diabetes with his raw foods protocol.

Then while reading about the recent Weston Price Foundation's Wise Traditions conference that was just held, I stumbled upon this video from cardiac surgeon Dr. Donald Miller on why saturated fats are good for us. This is almost an hour long speech, but well worth making time to watch to understand why the cholesterol theory of heart disease is wrong and how our politicians and government bureaucrats have steered America down the wrong eating path.

What is common to both Dr. Cousens and Dr. Miller's talks is that trans fats are bad, refined seed oils are bad, refined carbohydrates, i.e. white flour and white sugar is bad for our health.  And they both agree that we need saturated fats for good health. Dr. Cousens & Dr. Miller agree that the chloesterol theory of heart disease is wrong. The science used to justify this theory was taken out of context. Researchers and doctors manipulated the data to get the results they wanted...hmmm.

Bottom line takeaway no matter where you are on the spectrum of diets, whether, vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, paleo or primal...ditch the modern processed junk peddled to us by corporations. Crisco = crystalized corn oil created by P&G and originally sold for candles and soap. When the candle market started shrinking, the smart marketers at P&G created a new use. Corporations are concerned about the bottom line first & foremost. And if it so happens that it's also good for humanity, then we just got lucky.