Years ago, I remember Sylvester Stallone talking about his nutrition and how he treated his body like a racehorse. The only thing I remember now is that the was eating oats, but the gist, I think, was that we took better care of racehorses than our own bodies. My guess is that for the majority of people, this might still be true, we buy expensive petfoods to make sure our puppy or kitty stays healthy and take them to the vet's regularly. The question is, why do we treat our cars, our possessions, our pets, better than we treat our own bodies. Yes, we are smart enough to create drugs to treat the symptoms of our excesses, but it seems to me, it would be much smarter to fix the problem and treat ourselves better. It doesn't mean deprivation...I just ate some brownies, but it does mean being smarter about how we eat. The advice being given today, is actually the same advice from years your fruits & veggies and exercise a little. Science has determined why that cod liver oil was so least today we can eat tasty salmon instead. I tend to follow an 80/20 rule...most days I eat lots of fruits & veggies, plus lean proteins like eggwhites and fish. However, when I go to my weekly quilt group meeting, I indulge in the treats. This is the basic idea behind all the diets now touting how you can lose weight and still eat your favorite foods. Create your own plan or buy someone's f you need ideas on how to implement an eating style that you can live with for the rest of your life.


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