I was thinking today about our stereotypes and perceptions and how just maintaining a normal weight as we age probably makes us look younger. In 2004, I was 64 kilos (think that's about 140 pounhds on a less than 5 foot frame), after I lost 10 kilos (22 pounds) one of my friends commented I looked 10 years younger. As a general rule, we associate, fit, trim, muscular bodies with youth and padded bodies with age, think Aunt Bea, Barbara Bush and some of the older people you know. Now visualize Madonna at 50...exercise helps keep you looking younger...recent news reports say Madonna's new neighbors are complaining about the loud music and bouncing ceilings. Twyla Tharp is 68. Jack LaLanne is 95. Many of us want to fight the signs of aging...one that works and is good for us is to exercise regularly, maintain a normal weight and eat well...something that has been said since the beginning, nothing has really changed, it's just a matter of whether one is ready to listen.
Update...googled Jack and found these interviews done a few years back.

Years ago, I remember Sylvester Stallone talking about his nutrition and how he treated his body like a racehorse. The only thing I remember now is that the was eating oats, but the gist, I think, was that we took better care of racehorses than our own bodies. My guess is that for the majority of people, this might still be true, we buy expensive petfoods to make sure our puppy or kitty stays healthy and take them to the vet's regularly. The question is, why do we treat our cars, our possessions, our pets, better than we treat our own bodies. Yes, we are smart enough to create drugs to treat the symptoms of our excesses, but it seems to me, it would be much smarter to fix the problem and treat ourselves better. It doesn't mean deprivation...I just ate some brownies, but it does mean being smarter about how we eat. The advice being given today, is actually the same advice from years ago...eat your fruits & veggies and exercise a little. Science has determined why that cod liver oil was so good...at least today we can eat tasty salmon instead. I tend to follow an 80/20 rule...most days I eat lots of fruits & veggies, plus lean proteins like eggwhites and fish. However, when I go to my weekly quilt group meeting, I indulge in the treats. This is the basic idea behind all the diets now touting how you can lose weight and still eat your favorite foods. Create your own plan or buy someone's f you need ideas on how to implement an eating style that you can live with for the rest of your life.
I find traveling the most difficult times to maintain a decent level of physical activity & eat properly. Just spent 15 days in Hawaii in California...did manage to get in 4 sessions at my favorite yoga studio in Manoa, however, Hawaii is all about the food. Zippy's, The Hungry Lion, family gatherings. I carry a pedometer so that I can at least try to get some walking in to balance out eating all the yummy food. California was even harder as lots of time spent in the car. Went to Napa and it wasn't the wine tasting, but the olive oil & tapenade tasting that was too good to pass up. One of my favorite things is to go to Costo and try all the samples, yes some aren't the healthiest, but I get my taste fix and won't buy the huge package...think small, controlled, portions. Went on the Jelly Belly factory tour...trays and trays of jelly beans...sugar rush just from the aroma.

Guilty of not posting as often as I had planned. I've been side-tracked by work as well as some new sites with useful information.. And all of it free...yes the experts don't agree with each other, however as there is no one size fits all diet & nutrition plan, it makes sense. Scott Colby at www.amazingabs.com has started an interview series with many experts. I've been listening to the replays for free, but they are only available for 24 hours after the initial broadcast, then you need to pay a fee. It's been very interesting as there are different viewpoint being presented, the last was for fasting for fat loss. Before that it was a vegetarian body builder. What I find for me, is now that I've more or less figured out what works for me, I can tweak what I do by checking out new sites. I signed up recently for the newsletter from peertrainer.com., What I find useful about having two or three newsletters is they help reinforce what I need to do in order to maintain the wet loss. Some are better than others, but remember that they are all trying to sell you something. Having spent for The Zone, Atkins, Shintani and a bunch of other diet & nutrition books over the years, don't find a real need to buy anymore. However, I did buy Tom Venuto's Body Fat Solution this year because I wanted to see if the way I modified his Burn The Fat program was what he was writing about now. Very common sense approach.

Weight has been a life-long issue for me...pictures of the plump girl sitting next to grandpa...remember chubby sizes? I learned to sew when I was 10 as it was difficult & expensive to find clothes that fit...I learned one pattern and made it in every color combination. There was Weight Watchers & Dr. Atkins in high school...it's amazing that I might even consider eating a chicken liver today...think it was masked with teriyaki sauce then. Half-way through college, think I was down a bit, but those were the days of eating a candy bar as a meal and nothing more. Have to admit, I was a bookworm, though I was on the JV tennis squad. Other than tennis and those 25 mile walk-a-thons, not a big fan of exercise. Even the school nurse was giving me advice on how to exercise and lose weight. As you can see from the graduation photo (that's me in the center) she wasn't very successful. Yes, I did grow up in Honolulu...a foodie state...a melting pot of cultures and yummy food. The standard plate lunch was two scoops of rice, macaroni salad and the meat entree, often fried...think of batter dipped pork cutlets (tonkatsu) or teri-beef or chicken where the marinade is equal parts shoyu (soy sauce) & sugar.


Okay, so it's been over a week since I discovered I could register this catchy domain and I've written multiple blog posts in my head. However, until I've actually put fingers to the keys, all the thoughts are just good intentions. Basically, what's happened to me is in the year I turned 50, there were dramatic changes in my life. What I managed to do even with all the emotional turmoil is shed 10 kilos...yes I now know you can actually lose up to 2 pounds a week and I've kept the weight off successfully for two years. This blog is actually part of my life's mission statement...yes, some will consider it hokey, however, at 50, I had to reexamine the direction of my life given the emotional turmoil that was occuring. I decided then that my purpose is to inspire others to live their best life by living my best life, making positive choices to lead a healthy, balanced life, exploring new ideas, accepting new challenges, being kind & compassionate and intentionally making choices that would do no harm. My plan is to write about what I've tried, what worked, what didn't & the online resources I've used to go from flab to fit. What I know is that you need to be ready to make the lifestyle changes necessary and perhaps my story will inspire someone else who is ready.

If there was ever an eye opener, Jamie Oliver's Eat to Save Your Life is it. Pictures speak volumes. What was most interesting is how food has changed over time...even whole foods like carrots have become sweeter. So one really needs to pay attention. The autopsy in the eighth segment really brought home what could happen if one doesn't exercise some control. I'm now worried more about some of my friends as they may  be cutting years off their lives. Wish I had a magic wand to wave so I can help them. What isn't covered is why, although we know some foods are bad for us, why we'll still eat them. The emotional aspect of eating can be serious and there needs to be techniques to beat them. I know for myself, I will stress eat. I counter this somewhat by making veggie pancakes that I allow myself to overindulge in. I figure overeating these are better than chips.