Just returned to Bangkok after a the most stressful month of my life in Honolulu...it was my mother's last month. I made an emergency trip at the beginning of February as my 91 year old mother had a stroke, fell & broke her hip. She was to be on bed rest for at least 6 to 8 weeks as her weak heart precluded any surgery. I did manage to fit in 12 yoga classes during the 4 weeks to help manage some of the stress. But I knew I was medicating with sugar, caffeine & alcohol...I was introduced to Satura Cake's cream puffs and then there were all the comfort foods like cone sushi. I was making daily or sometimes twice-daily visits to the hospital while clearing the clutter from my mother's house so that she could eventually return. I knew I was in trouble by week three of my trip when the jeans I had popped it's button. So a combination of bad nutrition and not enough physical exercise has added 4.8 kilos (around 11 pounds). Why do I know the number so accurately? When I arrived back in Bangkok, I had to go to the hospital for a medical certificate for my work permit. I already ditched the caffeine just before I left Honolulu. Now it's a matter of getting back to a regular exercise plan and improving my meal composition. Five days back and I'm starting to feel better. Nutrition is improved and almost back to a regular yoga practice schedule.


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